What will the free flow exhaust do to my car?
With the fitment of the free flow exhaust, there will be an increase in power and torque, which will be apparent the moment you drive away from a standstill.

What will be the increase in power and torque?
On fitting the headers, there is an increase of around 8-12% in power and torque. This is easily seen in the improved driveability and the reduced use of gears in any given traffic condition.

What will be the difference in performance?
There will be a noticeable difference in power delivery and overall performance.

Will it affect fuel economy?
Fuel economy will not be affected. When driven hard, there is increased fuel consumption, hence a drop in economy whether the car is fitted with a standard or free flow exhaust. If the car is driven carefully as compared with the standard exhaust, the fuel economy will improve due to the increased exhaust efficiency.

Will engine life be affected?
No, engine life will not be affected very much. On the other hand, the increase in efficiency of exhaust excavation will reduce the strain on the engine components hence extending their effective life.

What is the advantage of a stainless steel muffler?
The stainless steel muffler is constructed completely of stainless steel. The pipes, the casing and the sound absorption material are all made of stainless steel. This gives it a longer life as well as resistance against corrosion caused by water collecting from condensation during initial startup.